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Instagram introduces Quiet Mode: know how it works!

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Instagram introduces Quiet Mode: know how it works! 14

Instagram is constantly being updated. Yes, Instagram has launched ‘Quiet Mode’ to help people focus and set limits with their friends and followers. When Instagram users enable the mode on their phones, they will no longer receive messages, and messages sent to their profile will be marked as ‘on silent’. When someone DMs the users, the app will automatically send an auto message.

Quiet Mode will be available to everyone in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand beginning January 19. In India and some other countries, it will be available soon.

Instagram has added new features in addition to Quiet Mode. Let us know!

To give people more control over the content they see on Instagram, the app has added a new
feature that allows them to tell us what content they don’t want to be recommended. Let’s go over

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Will be able to hide from privacy settings

Now you can select the option to hide multiple parts of the content in Explore. Also, when you
select ‘Not Interested’ on any post you see in Explore, the app will prevent you from forwarding
such content everywhere.

You can also hide specific words

While you can already hide comments and DMs with specific words. Instagram is now
expanding this feature to apply those recommendations to posts that you can see throughout
the app. Add a word or list of words, emoji, or hashtags you want to avoid. Like fitness, recipes,
Instagram won’t recommend content with those words in the caption and hashtags. You can
access it in the Hidden Words section of the Privacy Settings.

Parents will be able to keep an eye on their children

For your information, let us tell you that recently Instagram has added a privacy and account
setting for parents with the ability to see their children’s Instagram settings. If kids update a
setting, parents will get a message so they can talk to their kids about the change. Parents can
now also see the accounts their kids have blocked.

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